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We are a well-known Livestock Supplier in Brazil. Over the next decade and beyond, Brazil will rely heavily on the clearing of tropical forests for the expansion of Livestock range land. Annual deforestation in Brazil is estimated at over 3 million hectares (ha). Cattle ranching represent 80% of deforestation in the Amazon. The land area of cattle ranching is so vast in the Brazilian Amazon that with just a moderate level of intensification, whereby cattle densities increase to just over two cows per ha; an area the size of California could be saved from future deforestation. This could provide a total annual mitigation potential of 0.9 gt co2e year, or a total mitigation potential of 6.5 gt co2e by 2018. To accomplish this, an estimated $21.5 billion dollars of capital is required. The period of return on investment is approximately four and a half years, due to increased meat production.

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